Sommant Horse Team, and A hue and A dia are two companies with a direct link.

EURL "A hue et a dia" produces (good) horses and has an agricultural status. The SARL Sommant Horse Team, generates and organizes activities with horses and therefore has a commercial status

A hue et a Dia Morvan is an independent association (law 1901), which organizes TREC and endurance competitions.

Two co-managers of the companies are responsible for the operation of the whole:

Jean de Chatillon
Maitre randonneur
Technicien supérieur en production animale
Guide enseignant de Tourisme Equestre
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Champion du monde et d'Europe de TREC

Amélie Guinamard
Guide de Tourisme Equestre
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Formed first by constant work and de facto responsibilities, then by horseback riding, long-distance hiking, breeding and assiduous horseback riding, we have one single objective: to make horses loved, and for that reason, what we believe is mandatory is first of all to "love people".

Of course, stakeholders, entrepreneurs, coaches, colleagues, trainees and friends collaborate in the operation according to needs.

And then a few dogs (in addition to the 130 horses) are part of the team and you will also be able to appreciate them. Pouille, Oy, Maps et Next.