Week-ends in the Fontainebleau Forest: over the years, it has become an essential outing for riders who love a sporting and free ride!

The principle is very simple, horses in shape, riders in shape and good paths, good paths and good paths, it is the cocktail of success that, without a doubt!!!

The proximity of the capital, and various airports, the super easy access by car, everything fits together so that these we are successful.

Sand, sometimes even a few small sand deserts....The forest or at the time we go there we are almost alone....It's happiness.

As a general rule, the meeting place to the south of the forest is indicated to riders who wish to ride with us about ten days before each date because these places sometimes depend on the departure places of certain hunting trips...

We have an appointment on Saturday morning and hop, an hour later everyone is on horseback in this fabulous massif!

Hot meal, under the barnum heated at lunchtime guaranteed.

As for the evening meal and overnight stay, many riders live nearby, we do not ensure the marketing but of course, we can book for you and we can dine together and stay in close proximity to each other for very simple logistical reasons.

The end of the we is scheduled for around 5pm on Sundays. This year, it will be possible to do only one day if another rider can enjoy the second... Normal what!!!!





Dates and rates

  • From 06/03/2021 to 07/03/2021
    275 €

  • From 03/04/2021 to 05/04/2021
    350 €

  • From 30/10/2021 to 31/10/2021
    275 €

  • From 13/11/2021 to 14/11/2021
    275 €

  • From 18/12/2021 to 19/12/2021
    275 €

  • From 12/02/2022 to 13/02/2022
    285 €

  • From 12/03/2022 to 13/03/2022
    285 €