It is an old project concocted by our friends from the Vosges that was born in 2018, in 2019 we will continue to descend the Loire from its source to its mouth and this over a period of three years.

Well... It is true that the castles were rare on the first part, but the wild and rough side largely compensated the crowd crowd crowded and clammy (often the case in August!) in front of clear but huge glass buildings a little mouldy underneath (which is frequent when you have your feet in the water!) It is true that between the foot of the gerber of the rushes and its small village of Saint-Eulalie and the gourmet shipyard of Saint-Nazaire, there is water running under the bridges.... We'll make sure we get through it instead!

It is the adorable Fred who, as in 2018, had to design this extraordinary itinerary for us, in 2019, the departure of the village of La Roche Saint Priest....

It's in August and it's indicated on the calendar, na
! Be careful, there is a hard core on this hike that holds its place, so don't hesitate to come and meet them.
No blah blah, the name of the hike is "Baroud" so... Comfort friendly but relative!




Dates and rates

  • From 13/08/2021 to 22/08/2021
    1350 €

  • From 12/08/2022 to 21/08/2022
    1400 €