Discovery hiking, comfortable and sporty, hiking in Normandy is fully in line with what we call "Les Tours"... She always follows a hike in Brittany so that riders who wish to combine the two hikes with us can do so.

We go all the way north to Barfleur to descend the entire east coast of the Cotentin peninsula, via the landing beaches so cavalier, but also part of the rocky coasts that make this little piece of France a place quite out of the ordinary, seaside, moors, marshes and harbours; Normandy as we like it.

At the end of the third day, we cross in one hour by truck the Cotentin d'Est or Ouest to reach the coast towards Coutances and, as we do not want to do things halfway, on the last day we will go (behind a local guide) to Mont Saint-Michel by crossing the Bay of the same name.

Become a classic of Sommant Horse team this hike will quickly become a must-see destination, noticing quite often that our pleasure of being on horseback on destinations of this type is shared quite surely.

We take care of 100% (nights and meals) of the riders who would do the two rides in a row.

Be careful, the time of separation on the last day does not depend on us but on the time of the tide in the bay of Mont Saint Michel




Dates and rates

  • From 12/07/2020 to 18/07/2020
    1650 €