We missed this beautiful hike in 2019 in Auvergne and your requests are accumulating, we put it back on the program this extraordinary hike.

Outstanding for the beauty and diversity of its landscapes, it is still a corner of our beautiful France almost forgotten by holiday merchants and tourism, let's enjoy it!!!!!

New: for practical reasons, and which will allow regular visitors to discover a new hike, we propose a route, not linear as in other years but in a loop. The starting point and the arrival point being the same...

The starting point is at the foot of the Puy de Dôme in the village of Laschamp and the 6-day itinerary will allow us to cross the Monts du Sancy via Mont Dore (Besse) before returning to the Volcanoes.

If the first day allows us to tour the main Volcanoes of the Puy chain, we will move away from them the next day... Land of contrast, land of the needy, land of peasants, land forgotten by almost everyone, it is between forests and large pastures where the Saler cows graze that we will evolve all week.

Arrival airport: Clermont ferrand SNCF railway station Clermont ferrand By car: Laschamp at the beginning and end of the hike

This hike is aimed at riders in good physical condition, the pace is sometimes steady, the gaits being in fact in adequacy with the gradient and the quality of the soil. Ideal territory to gently initiate yourself towards more sportive hikes on one of the most beautiful regions of France. Two or three experienced hikes are enough to approach this one.




Dates and rates

  • From 22/08/2020 to 28/08/2020
    1650 €