Hiking, horses and friendliness are much more than a profession, they are our passion
All year round, we offer you a complete range of hikes, more or less sporty depending on the destination. Accompanied or in freedom, they belong to you and will remain forever engraved in your equestrian memories...
Our weekly destinations are expanding from year to year... 2019/ 2020 Le Morvan and its Grand Tour, Burgundy of the Grand Crus, but also the Massif Cévenol and the Florac route, Brittany with a beautiful escape into the Côtes d'Armor, Normandy with a hike in line from the North of the Cotentin peninsula to the sand of the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, Alsace of course, with a crossing of Alsace from the South to the North, Auvergne with a "discovery" hike from the Volcanoes of Auvergne to the Mountains of the Cantal; The Drôme and the Vaucluse, the Lot and the Quercy blanc, the Châteaux de la Loire.
We are also present in Spain with a spring week in Catalonia and Italy with a hike that takes us from sea to sea through Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.
Sommant Horse Team and the horses bred by A hue and Dia, it is also many weekends in the Fontainebleau Forest, Baie de Somme and Morvan.
The "de Sommant" horses born and bred in Morvan will take you up and down the mountains with all their energy and determination, whether it is on horseback, in endurance races or on a welcoming beach.




Sommant's advantage

  • Our walks in freedom
  • The possibility for you to participate in our hikes with your own horse,
  • The competence of our team
  • The conviviality
  • Our quality horses
  • Horse rental
  • Our free rides